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The e-Photosynthesis, including all the necessary enzyme regulation mechanisms, provides the first in the world complete representation of photosynthesis process. This model can be used to test hypothesis regarding different signals related to photosynthesis, such as CO2 uptake kinetics and fluorescence induction kinetics. E-Photosynthesis is able to predict the dynamics of ATP and NADPH formation under dynamic light and CO2 conditions.

A Genetic algorithm combined with our e-Photosynthesis provides a workbench to easily and economically identifying potential target to modify for higher photosynthetic carbon uptake and correspondingly crop yield. The e-Photosynthesis model that we developed provides one interface for utilization of the large amount of genomic, proteiomic, and metabolomics data and to infer the functional significance of changes in the protein and metabolite levels in specific environmental conditions.


Long Lab at UIUC

National Science Foundation

The National Center for Supercomputing Application

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

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